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Diwali @ IIM I

Another Diwali…away from home, this time the place was IIM Indore. 100% attendance, classes on diwali, project interim presentation on the very day and quiz and case discussion the next day. Phew! Talk about a holiday on Diwali, we weren’t even given a chance to enjoy….but Theoritically :P. Being at IIM has taught us how to squeeze out time for fun and that’s what we did the whole day. The gang left straight after class for a awesome lunch at Sayaji. The food was great and when we finished …the utmost desire was to have a couch :D.

Bowling was pretty fun after that, Ashish was the lucky winner, guess the effect of Beer was a winning tonic for him ;). Btw, I finished 2nd after him and was joing winner in the second round. My bowling skills are improving ๐Ÿ˜‰ ! Then there was snookers and pool which was pretty fun. Till now Ashish already had 4 pints of beer so we decided to leave before he gets more.

Now comes the IIM I part. We had diwali pooja followed by face painting competition, music, loads of crackers and great dinner. CulCom@IIM I did a fantastic job and we really didn’t missed home. People were running around with “phuljharis” and the sky was lit by beautiful patterns of light. And yeah… I shouldn’t miss the Rangoli part. Really beautiful ! The campus looked superb!

We didn’t finished with this. Went back to G-Block, ate sweets and another round of crackers with Karl lighting his first cracker and me doing the honors with the first cracker ๐Ÿ˜€ ! As usual, Ashish was running around with his rocket, sometimes trying to aim at faculty block and sometimes at his own ass :P.

All in all was a great fun…one of many times which we enjoyed at IIM I.

Will upload more pics later ๐Ÿ™‚

Thought to write something some globe on the concept GLOBE. Was introduced to this term in engineering by a different name and was referred to by ‘Globe’ in MBA. Hmm..nah actually job, so can actually say it exists everywhere. For those poor souls who don’t know what it means: Globe is any and all amount of shit that you can talk on a topic, any of which is nowhere related to the topic, and at the same time you convince the listener that you know more than him. Although the dictionary defines it as


โ€ข noun 1 a spherical or rounded object. 2 (the globe) the earth. 3 a spherical representation of the earth with a map on the surface.

Can’t tell where the other meaning originated from, but nevertheless an interesting concept, even livelyhood for many. And believe me it takes time be be an expert in the art ;). The quality ranges from pathetic globes to awesome globes wherein you feel proud to achieve that level. And if you’ve started thinking that this concept is practiced by students.. …ahh… here is the surprise… You are wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰ ! Just came back giving two quizzes and both were total GLOBES ๐Ÿ˜ฆ . Finance question in marketing paper, arbit questions, and even arbit answers. So the story doesn’t ends here. The globe concept moves like the “real” definition of globe.. from lower level to upper level…and back from them to lower level. After all the world can’t operate without it …can it ?

MBA Admission….an ART?

It might seem some funda or gyan article on how to crack CAT, well not exactly. As it happened while one of our esteemed professor was giving the lecture at IIM I, the topic of melting markets came up. The discussion diverted to how things are going to be difficult for MBA grads as the market is moving towards recession. And then he said,”You entered IIM I at a time when the world is facing their gravest problems..Tough times ahead. After all it’s an art to decide when to take admission into a MBA College“.

Although we had a laugh about it, but the thought striked me. Times are tough these days and considering the bad scenario, would it really happen that we would be struggling for jobs? Leave aside premier institutes like IIMz where companies will still come and students will get decent offers, but what about lower rung colleges. Hearing news like banks being declared bankrupt, financial institutions falling, just makes us wonder that there might be days when MBA grads are being bargained over by companies for lower & lower prices. But is the situation really that bad? Bad times invite for changes in the current processes. And maybe we have that opportunity to be part of the change. It’s times like these that define whose the one who will survive the long run. So I decided to be optimistic for there is quite some time before I enter the corporate world and things are bound to get improved, and even if it doesn’t, ultimately it’s a person’s capabilities and not the situations that define his success.

Here starts my blogging line again…. Did started this a few months back but then the lazyness took over me. Guess the hectic schedule at IIM I, has oozed that “time wastage” spirit out of me..although I dearly long for it ๐Ÿ™‚ . Will write more soon.