It might seem some funda or gyan article on how to crack CAT, well not exactly. As it happened while one of our esteemed professor was giving the lecture at IIM I, the topic of melting markets came up. The discussion diverted to how things are going to be difficult for MBA grads as the market is moving towards recession. And then he said,”You entered IIM I at a time when the world is facing their gravest problems..Tough times ahead. After all it’s an art to decide when to take admission into a MBA College“.

Although we had a laugh about it, but the thought striked me. Times are tough these days and considering the bad scenario, would it really happen that we would be struggling for jobs? Leave aside premier institutes like IIMz where companies will still come and students will get decent offers, but what about lower rung colleges. Hearing news like banks being declared bankrupt, financial institutions falling, just makes us wonder that there might be days when MBA grads are being bargained over by companies for lower & lower prices. But is the situation really that bad? Bad times invite for changes in the current processes. And maybe we have that opportunity to be part of the change. It’s times like these that define whose the one who will survive the long run. So I decided to be optimistic for there is quite some time before I enter the corporate world and things are bound to get improved, and even if it doesn’t, ultimately it’s a person’s capabilities and not the situations that define his success.