Thought to write something some globe on the concept GLOBE. Was introduced to this term in engineering by a different name and was referred to by ‘Globe’ in MBA. Hmm..nah actually job, so can actually say it exists everywhere. For those poor souls who don’t know what it means: Globe is any and all amount of shit that you can talk on a topic, any of which is nowhere related to the topic, and at the same time you convince the listener that you know more than him. Although the dictionary defines it as


noun 1 a spherical or rounded object. 2 (the globe) the earth. 3 a spherical representation of the earth with a map on the surface.

Can’t tell where the other meaning originated from, but nevertheless an interesting concept, even livelyhood for many. And believe me it takes time be be an expert in the art ;). The quality ranges from pathetic globes to awesome globes wherein you feel proud to achieve that level. And if you’ve started thinking that this concept is practiced by students.. …ahh… here is the surprise… You are wrong 😉 ! Just came back giving two quizzes and both were total GLOBES 😦 . Finance question in marketing paper, arbit questions, and even arbit answers. So the story doesn’t ends here. The globe concept moves like the “real” definition of globe.. from lower level to upper level…and back from them to lower level. After all the world can’t operate without it …can it ?