Another Diwali…away from home, this time the place was IIM Indore. 100% attendance, classes on diwali, project interim presentation on the very day and quiz and case discussion the next day. Phew! Talk about a holiday on Diwali, we weren’t even given a chance to enjoy….but Theoritically :P. Being at IIM has taught us how to squeeze out time for fun and that’s what we did the whole day. The gang left straight after class for a awesome lunch at Sayaji. The food was great and when we finished …the utmost desire was to have a couch :D.

Bowling was pretty fun after that, Ashish was the lucky winner, guess the effect of Beer was a winning tonic for him ;). Btw, I finished 2nd after him and was joing winner in the second round. My bowling skills are improving 😉 ! Then there was snookers and pool which was pretty fun. Till now Ashish already had 4 pints of beer so we decided to leave before he gets more.

Now comes the IIM I part. We had diwali pooja followed by face painting competition, music, loads of crackers and great dinner. CulCom@IIM I did a fantastic job and we really didn’t missed home. People were running around with “phuljharis” and the sky was lit by beautiful patterns of light. And yeah… I shouldn’t miss the Rangoli part. Really beautiful ! The campus looked superb!

We didn’t finished with this. Went back to G-Block, ate sweets and another round of crackers with Karl lighting his first cracker and me doing the honors with the first cracker 😀 ! As usual, Ashish was running around with his rocket, sometimes trying to aim at faculty block and sometimes at his own ass :P.

All in all was a great fun…one of many times which we enjoyed at IIM I.

Will upload more pics later 🙂