Strategic Safari Strategic Safari is a new course launched at IIM Indore in which few students get the opportunity to visit Malaysia and study and understand some of the companies located in Kuala Lumpur. This year the Safari was conducted from 14th December to 21nd December. The companies which were visited were
1. Royal Selangour
2. Westport
3. Simedarby Medical Care
4. Maxis
5. ABB
6. Proton
7. Petronas

The tour ended with personal sightseeing embedded between the visits to the company and a series of guest talks on Islamic Banking & Finance at Universiti Tun Abdul Razak.
I was one of the 41 participants from IIM Indore who were part of the first Strategic Safari Tour of IIM Indore. Writing this blog at the completion of the tour, sitting in the flight back to India, I can say that the experience was enriching. From academic viewpoint, the interactions with corporations were insightful and gave a deep understanding of the business processes and a striking comparison of strategies and success drivers across geographies. On the other side, it was a really wonderful experience to be with 40 other talented friends and enjoying the scenic beauty and water sports of Penang, the theme rides & casinos of Genting Highlands & the night life of Kuala Lumpur.
In the next few blogs, I’ll try to share the wonderful experience of Malaysia – a place totally worth a visit for its beautiful people, culture and country.