I planned to visit Singapore before visiting Malaysia. Lot of friends of mine are doing PhD from NTU, so visiting them and experiencing Singapore was the combined purpose.

As it happened, we sought for the cheapest tickets and ended up taking the route of Indore->Delhi->Kolkata->Malaysia->Singapore. A long trip which included long duration stops at Delhi, Kolkata & Malaysia. Unfortunately, there was no access to the departure terminal 2 hours before the flight and so I and my friend ended up spending the chilling night at the ticket counter zone. Kolkata was worth the wait as I got to meet friends whom I had not met for 2 years. Malaysian Airport again got us waiting in the departure terminal with us hunting for Vegetarian Food for 2 hours before ending up on a burger.

The good things started when we finally reached Singapore and to my friend’s place. We rested for a while and immediately set out for Sentosa Islands.  Sentosa Island was simply superb. The good & bad thing about it was that it was huge!! We started from having a couple of rides, and then went along the beach to enjoy the waters. A quick round of food (veg food again very tough to find) and then we went about doing treasure hunt for Underwater World Experience and the Dolphin Show. Underwater World was amazingly beautiful. The entire aquatic life was floating all around you – 360 degree. We again started walking for finding the “Bikini Bar” (obviously we were excited by the name, but were disappointed by seeing it). We left that place, had a couple of soft drinks at another place. It was 7:00 PM and we had almost covered the Island, so we decided to return. That was a fruitful first day.

The next day we planned to see Singapore city and took the metro rail to go to China Town. My Singapore friend accompanied us which made it a lot easier to move around in the city. China town was buzzing with activity with lots of local people and many Chinese and other local shops. We roamed around a bit, bought a memento and headed to another place called Little India for lunch. Little India is the Indian community area there with the Mustafa Market in the center. The place has a total Indian feeling and we just loved to have Indian Thali (being pure vegetarians). The next destination was Raffles Street where we visited the Merlion Statue which was magnificent. Finally, with little time left on our hand, we headed for Night Safari. The travel time to place of Night Safari took longer than we expected which restricted us to take only the 45mins tour by the train there. Frankly, Night Safari was not worth the SGD32 paid for it. The animals were which you could see (more clearly) in any zoo, and they took great pride in showing us Indian Buffalo (Still figuring, what’s so great to see in a buffalo). Well, the Night Safari ended and we rushed back to my friends place to collect our luggage to begin the chase for bus stop to catch our bus to Kuala Lumpur.

As if we thought that Singapore adventure is over, there was still some left. Don’t know why, but we were questioned at the Malaysian immigration before being given access. Later on we came to know from one of the fellow passengers that if any of our papers would have been wrong we could still have got off after paying bribe ! .. Wonder when the security system of any country would be perfect!

That’s the Singapore experience. An amazing one for sure! The country is damn beautiful, maybe too perfect. There are hell lots of rules, which people do follow and I think that is what keeps it super perfect. Some call it the country of fines, the minimum fine amount I saw was SGD500..Phew!! The people are nice, beautiful and cute. Definite recommendation for a one time visit!

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