15th December, what felt like a lazy afternoon after the sumptuous meal, was the time for a visit to Simedarby HealthCare. Healthcare Industry has always been a crucial industry and of national importance given its criticality to the health of people of the country. Simedarby is one such organization which strives at providing healthcare services to national and international clients. Medical tourism has been one of the important areas for Sime Darby. It treated about 1,200 European, 600 US and Australian, and 3,600 Japanese patients in 2008 alone.  All the staff seemed to be well versed in English. The hospital provides special services such as assistance in travel arrangements and Airport pick up/drop off to International patients. Our visit started with a corporate presentation by Simedarby Corporate Communications Manager. It was an insight into the operations of the Healthcare Center and also on the current standing of Healthcare Services Industry in Malaysia. We students were quite curious to know about development of Malaysia as a Medical Tourism Center and the common conclusion was that Malaysia is emerging as a possible Medical Services preferred country next to India and is gearing up to provide the latest up to date technology in Medical Sector at cheap prices.  After the discussion we were taken on a round of the hospital where we visited some medical specialist. They tried their best explaining us the details of the departments but mostly the medical terms went over the head. None the less the visit was interesting as we got to see the Royal Suite reserved for the Royal Family and other dignitaries.

The visit ended with a group photograph where we learnt the new term “mani” for “cheese” when smiling in front of camera 😉

Check out the pics of the visit here