The significance of January 5th 2010 was not evident until the realization dawned on me that my FRM Exam Results are going to come out today. The tension mounted for a moment but then soothed out after remembering the month of November 2009. I felt confident about the efforts I had put in and the fact that results would be out when I am asleep, made me stop worrying about it.

November 2009 was indeed one challenging and eventful month for me. I had decided on giving my FRM Exam in August, so I was way behind people who already had put in 3-4 months of preparation for the exam. That was evident when I visited Pagalguy for getting some gyan on FRM, and I saw people sharing their experience of reading the 3rd module. I sure was way behind but somehow I felt I can do it. Moreover, it was the last time GARP was going to conduct Full FRM Exam, so it was all the more essential to grab the opportunity. As it happened, my plan and schedule for the prep was going excellent until October end when the MBA exams came up. By start of November, I was lacking big time.

Another craze that I had developed in me was to participate in competitions in 2nd year. If you are doing MBA you will know that all major competitions come in the month of November. I was participating in many but the cherry was the Cognizant Board Room Contest. I and Viren were participating and we made it into the first round. I decided to cut myself from every other thing and now focus on two things: The FRM Exam and Board Room Contest. Both were on high priority and at time it was to decide who to give higher priority.Hard work paid off and level by level (report submissions, video conference presentations) we made it to the finals of the competition.

The bouncer for the month was the dates of the two things.

Cognizant Smart Business Plan Board Room Contest ——— 20th November 2009

Full FRM Exam ———————————————————————- 21st November 2009

17th November I managed to finish off my FRM reading once and 18th went fully into the competition planning and PPT. I planned a schedule to leave Indore 19th evening, reach Chennai(the venue) by 19th evening (there isn’t a direct flight to Chennai), do the presentation on 20th morning, leave for Delhi (my exam site) on 20th evening and appear for exam on 21st Morning !!! Believe me, it felt extremely difficult if not impossible to be of sound mind after so much stuff in just two days.

Finally the 2 day events started with our flight journey and we landed at Chennai Office of Cognizant on 2oth morning. It was a awesome experience being in the Finals. We met with the other teams, the judges and some of our IIM I alumni. Being in the finals of such a huge competition and the hard work we had done for it made the experience worth capturing. We started our presentation with confidence and we did pretty well. However, as it turned out, the judges found other ideas to be better and we didn’t made it to the winning zone. A disappointment definitely, but certainly not the end of the world. The next thing on mind was my flight to Delhi and FRM Exam where certainly I don’t want to fail. Luckily I reached Delhi in time and after a good night sleep I reached my exam venue. Hassle-free venue and a really cute invigilator (she was a MBA student of that college itself [:p]) made the day and my exam went smoothly.

Well, after the sweet November, here I am. Just checked my FRM Results.