18th December and it’s the last day of the visits with only the Guest Talks remaining on 21st, we were all set for Telekom Malaysia. Having already visited Maxis, this gave us an opportunity to visit a government entity thereby comparing the strategies of two major players of Telecom Sector.

Telekom Malaysia is the largest telecommunication company in Malaysia. It has a monopoly on the fixed line network and has a considerable market share of the mobile communications market after its acquisition of Celcom and merging with its mobile operation arm, TMTouch. TM has an internet service provider subsidiary (TM Net) offering narrowband and broadband connectivity. Broadband connectivity is through DSL under TM Net’s Streamyx brand. Due to its near monopoly of the last mile connections, TM Net is now the sole DSL broadband provider in the country.

The visit began in an awesome professional style round table arrangement corporate presentation. The best thing about the presentation was the passion with which the speaker was delivering and providing us insights into the operations of Telekom Malaysia. The presentation moved to discussion mode with questions on regulatory issues and difficulties in Malaysia vis-à-vis India, the 3G services and acceptability of such services in Malaysia. There was more discussion on how despite being a government entity, Telekom Malaysia was able to give a strong competition to private players and how monopoly of Telekom Malaysia on certain services enabled it to compete. The insightful presentation was followed by a superb lunch where it was taken care that Indian Food is provided which was a pleasant sight. This was followed by a visit to a simulated “Digital Home” set up by Telekom Malaysia to show its users how high speed internet can be used to change the way of life for good.

The experience was really wonderful and gave a lot of learning into the telecom sector and how the sector can contribute massively to an economy.

Check out the pics of the visit here