Yatra.com sucks ! It does!

Recently I had a lot of travelling to do from Indore. I usually do my flight and hotel booking either directly through the Airline Website or through MakeMyTrip. This time I had heard a lot of discount and schemes on Yatra. Well I went on to make my domestic flight booking and it I got a Rs. 1000 discount voucher for a hotel booking. Generally all travel websites offer such discount as a way of marketing knowing well that majority of travelers rarely use such coupons.

So during my recent travel I needed to book a hotel and I thought why not use the discount to get accommodation in a good hotel. So I logged onto Yatra and made my booking. I was given a reference number and a Yatra Representative was to call me and confirm the booking. So it was time to wait!

And the wait just continued…. The journey time came and I didn’t get a call. Yatra never bothered to check up on the booking I made and that was really unprofessional by a travel website boasting of excellent customer service. I tried calling the Yatra Customer Care myself and it was just a waste of 30 minutes call time as the call was just put on hold forever.

I decided to make my hotel arrangements on reaching the destination. I reached the same hotel where I had made a booking and showed my reference number. The hotel staff was surprised and declined having received any request for booking from Yatra. So the “esteemed” travel website Yatra didn’t even cared to take the booking request forward. Is the Yatra Hotel Booking Service just for fun?

Further the hotel staff told me that the hotel doesn’t gives it’s rooms for booking on Internet, rather only 1 Room of each kind is given at discount just for marketing purpose. Now that was again a surprise! So the booking service is not a business, it’s a marketing scheme!! And it’s the case with all travel websites.

The experience which I had with Yatra was pretty disappointing and caused me a lot of inconvenience. Atleast Yatra is not going to be my preferred travel website for a very long time.