Lots of us might already have started using the buzz, for those who haven’t just check your Gmail account and you will be seeing a screen telling you about a new feature: the Google Buzz.

The first impression it gives is that it is another tweet kind of application. On second thoughts, there are differences like you cannot “reBuzz” somebody’s buzz. You cannot form lists or tagwords. Well then, if google doesn’t puts all this in, its not the twitter way.

It then again looks like Facebook : stripped of all applications. But I am sure Google didn’t went to all this trouble just to copy one simple “status update” usage of Facebook.

With Yahoo! Buzz already in existence what was the need that Google tries to fulfill through Buzz? Google is known for it’s innovation and I surely admire Google for it. However, some say Google Buzz looks more like a desperate attempt by Google to compete with Facebook & Twitter. With Orkut almost dead, Google Wave not quite triggering off in the way Google expected, Google does seem a little bit out of competition in the social networking domain. Or is it one of the ways by which Google fulfills it’s dream of being present in every segment of online business.

Buzz doesn’t seems so bad though. It automatically added up people whom I talk to the most. It’s attached to your gmail account so whenever you check your mail you will surely check the Buzzes. Gmail is not going to go anywhere, and so might not Buzz. One can Buzz from cell phone very much like twitter. It enables sharing photos & videos which gives it the ability what Google Wave was doing. Also one can import posts/updates from twitter and blogs which increases the usability of Buzz in terms of promotion of self.

It does has a lot of scope of improvement with regards to features which I am sure Google is working on. The only weird thing is it’s attached to Google Mail, so if I want to follow any person I should know his Gmai Id. This might restrict the success of the likes of twitter which gives the freedom to follow anyone without knowing his/her contact details.

Google Buzz doesn’t seems a nuisance as of now. The question remains whether with applications like Facebook and Twitter, will it emerge successful? Wait & Watch  !