It’s not even June and the heat is unbearable already. For people like me enjoying vacations at home, there is nothing much to do except stay at home during the day when its 45 degrees outside. No point discussing the reasons for this super hot summer which started breaking records in April itself. Our own actions are distorting the nature’s cycle and we are the ones who will have to bear the wrath.

I feel really sorry for the little kids who have to go to school in this scorching heat. Although the government and school administration are doing their bit to reduce the school timings to around 10:00 AM before it becomes hot but it isn’t helping when it’s the temperature starts hovering around 35 degrees at 9:00 AM in the morning. My cousin goes to class 8th leaving for school at 6:30 AM and back by 10:15 AM. If heat was taking away the fun of going to school, the reduced study hours is not helping the kids learn much. My cousin gave a description of the worsened situation with insufficient infrastructure at schools that have not been upgraded to deal with the hot summers. With old fans and frequent power cuts they have to rely on opening windows and letting the hot air in to get ventilation and fresh air. Add to this the afternoon tuition timings imposed by teachers gives the kids no respite in summers.

As I write this, the best thing that has happened for the kids is that the schools have closed for summer vacations. I, for my cousin, went to her tuition teacher and requested to change the tuition timings to evening. Hopefully now she would be able to enjoy the summer holidays like we used to and then go back to school, after the vacations, in July when it would be comparatively cooler due to the monsoon rains.

Happy Holidays!!