How many times have you encountered a girl saying that looks doesn’t matters for her in selecting a guy. Chances are the girl is aged somewhere around 24-26 and is getting pressure from home to be married.

Well, don’t be fooled by this for this is utter non-sense.

Where did this sensible talk of girls go when they were during their late teens, just entering colleges – when making boyfriends and girlfriends was a social status symbol. If you are not currently in that age bracket, take yourself back a few years and remember what the preferences of girls were? Yeah Right! They wanted good looking handsome hunk guys as boyfriends with not even a second glance at the nerdy guys. They prefer fooling around with duds rather than being friends with sensible guys who probably will value a relationship more. Where all this does leads them? You guessed it right again – Nowhere!

By the time this realization comes they have come to the age of 24-26 where they look forward to marriage (or made to do so by parental pressures) and suddenly they realize life isn’t all about good looking cool dudes and making your girlfriend jealous and earning brownie points over your boyfriend(s). And then the statement comes – “Looks don’t matter to me!”

I recently debated the topic with a female friend of mine. She was flabbergasted at the blunt truth I put in front of her. She argued that with time girls mature and realize what true beauty means. Does it takes 5-6 years and failed relationship with 2-3 duds to get that realization? And what is this realization? Isn’t this that life cannot be spent on the basis of good looks but financial stability and sensibility which they figure out they will find out in the last known “nerdy” guys which have now become successful in their lives. Has now the definition of “beauty” changed to “money and success”? And not as if their attraction for good looking guys has ended. It’s just that the average successful guy is “average” looking – so pretty much not many options. I think argument against bitter truth is futile so she ended up saying she is not like that. Dare I disagree with a woman?!

To prove and strengthen my point I will request you to go through some of the entries of the Real Beauty Blogging Contest by Yahoo and Dove. 99.0% of the girls have written about how beauty is other than physical beauty.  If only they meant it! Is this contest only about writing to win or was it meant for something more? Only a few posts like this dare to ask the question – if I may quote from the blog

“How many of you even talk to someone who is totally dark, fat, smelly and ugly? At least when you look at that person, for one minute you will have some opinion for that person. If you don’t have any work with him/her then you will probably not even try to strike a conversation.”

Point here is that why are girls not upfront about it? Why they have to disguise it? When a guy is upfront in saying that he likes good looking girls, the girl snorts at him saying- “Does external beauty only matters to you?” Here is the answer

“No Lady! We value the emotional bonding in the relationship as much as you do but we don’t mind telling the truth that yes we do appreciate physical beauty also. It is not the only or most important criteria in finding a girl but certainly a criterion for us. JUST LIKE YOUR’S. It’s just that you don’t say but we do. For us beauty is the whole package – right from the physical beauty to the emotional bonding, from the deep understanding to the sensuous touch – It’s everything!. Hope you just understand!” 


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