Rains ! They always make you smile. People like me in Delhi are suffering from the super hot weather and it just rained ! Ahh- the bliss. It felt so good that I wrote whatever was coming to my mind. On second read I felt like I wrote like a child – but then rains do make you wish to return to childhood and splash around !! Enjoy the rains and leave back your comments and experiences about rains.


Rain Rain..you let go of all pain
you bring me the coolness
from the tiring day and its heat
a gift that makes me joyous and upbeat

I want to get drenched
and let you soak me wet
there is no better feeling
from the cool breeze that you get

You bring back those memories
of childhood the innocent one
making boats and splashing water
AAh ! there was nothing better to be done 

Here I sit with a wish
That you pour all through the night
The breeze and the rains
playing the lullaby I so desire !

This was the first cut unadulterated version of poem inspired by the much desired rains. Would love suggestions/feedback to improve the same.

Photo Courtesy : Google Images