Day before yesterday I was part of an unfortunate accident in Delhi. Fortunately there wasn’t any injuries and car took only a few damages what was most disheartening to see was the insensitivity of the Delhi Police officers present there and the indifferent attitude of the public there.

Being a Friday, it was heavy rush and four of us from office were trying to make our way to a party in Saket. Just while we are trying to inch forward near the Police Training School on Press Enclave Road, a Police Bus rammed into our car. Shocked as we were only to realize that the Bus was still accelerating dragging the car. I was on the impact side hence unable to get out, but a few of us got out and stopped the bus driver from doing further damage. No major injuries done we took stock of the car and the bus driver.

The Bus Driver was drunk ! Driver in a Police Training School where they teach don’t drink and drive – Irony !. While the driver admitted being drunk he made no attempts to come out of the bus. Meanwhile a police jeep came and we tried explaining them the entire thing. Here is where the drama of highly insensitive police starts

Police Officer: I get your situation. Your best bet is to call 100

Me: <A little surprised> Sir, You are 100

Police Officer: I am off duty. I just came to submit my jeep. You have to call 100.

Bewildered, confused and annoyed at this behavior we heard commotion of people asking the bus to get out of the way. We had already parked our car on a service lane to enable traffic to pass through.

Police Officer to Bus Driver: Park this bus on the side.

Me: Sir, The Driver is dead drunk. He cannot even start the bus leave alone driving it to the side before hitting something else.

Police Officer: Hmmm…But I cannot do anything. He has to remove the bus first.

After this we didn’t expect any help from police.

Meanwhile a person whose car was behind the bus and hence unable to go forward came to us and started shouting that why are we blocking the bus. We told him the bus driver is drunk, has hit our car and unable to drive the bus further. He wasn’t ready to listen with his only concern of getting further from the traffic. The indifference made me realize how we just react to situations if it affects us. People would care if the accident happens to there known ones else they don’t mind checking. I’ve been to Delhi for almost 2 years now, and I have seen people blocking the road for minor scratches on their car received from another vehicle while they couldn’t wait for 10 mins for the subject in accident to resolve the matter. I did wonder if I was also like that; maybe from now I will make an effort to be more sensitive because what if I was the one in the accident like in this case.

Frustrated as were from being stuck in traffic for 2 hours, being hit by a bus and disappointed form the police we decided not to waste time further and move on. We were just thankful that everybody was OK.