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Oil Price Hike : A Necessary Evil – A discussion paper on the oil price hike discussion whether the price hike is necessary and ways to soften the impact. This discussion paper is in response to oil price hike by government in June 2011.

Telecom Industry Brief – A brief writeup on the telecom industry covering all major points about the industry. Ideal for those who need a quick snapshot of what the industry components and drivers are. The report is updated as of May 2011.

Introduction of IFRS & its impact on Indian Corporate – This is a paper highlighting the impact of IFRS on Indian Corporate once introduced in India. I trust this will be useful for students searching information on IFRS and professional people searching for a quick review on IFRS impact. The paper was written along with two of my IIM Indore batch-mates Abhiruchi Kant Aswal & Subhajit Das.

Combating recession through operational excellence – This is a paper written for suggesting ways how operational excellence and efficiency can be used to combat the tough times like recession. The techniques can be replicated even during hard times for a specific company. I believe the article will be useful for both students and professionals. This paper was written along with my IIM Indore batch-mate Rishiraj Nanda

 Creating value through integrated risk management – While risk management practices have been going on for some time now, the process of integrating all the business lines and the risks in the organization has assumed greater significance considering the financial meltdown across the world. This paper comprehensively deals with the goals and benefits of the Integrated Risk Management as a means of adding value to the firm. The role of the Senior Management has been identified as crucial and an approach has been provided to effectively implement Integrated Risk Management through them. Its importance in sustaining a firm through events like the recent financial crisis has been proved through some of the examples of Integrated Risk Management approach. Through these examples the paper also highlights the key issues that the risk managers face and how they can be tackled. This paper was written along with my IIM Indore batch-mate Arvind Kuchibhotla.

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