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Random Shayaris

A amateurish attempt at writing shayaris for different moods


Jab tumse mili nazar to chingari si bhadki
Hawa aisi bahi ki shama jal uthi
Der na karo sanam pyar ke ekrar me
Dhua dhua na ho jaye ye waqt kahi intezar me

Dreamy Love

Na dekha roop uska…na pata naam
Ho wo ek khubsurat pari..ye hai arman
Intezar kar raha mai uska din rat
Jane woh kab sunegi mere dil ki baat

Nam na batayenge uska hum
Jisko dil de ke banaya hai sanam
Maloom nahi humko ki kaha hai woh
Hogi jaha, waha  rah dekh rahi hogi meri wo

Heart Break

Lafj tumhare ye dil ko chubh gaye
Satve aasman se hum jamin pe gir gaye
Ummeed to humko tumse pyar ki thi
Tum to bewafai karke dil tod gaye

Comments and feedback appreciated.

A Knotted Rope

The composition is a work of fiction based on writer’s understanding of the emotions a guy/girl would feel when his/her lover tries to return back into their life after a bitter breakup. Any resemblance to any person or situation is purely coincidental.

Knotted Rope

You wake me up, only to say
that I should have been the one to make it all go away
The lies, the fakes, the senseless fights
all coming back to give you sleepless nights

You want me to break the silence and make you understand
the good and the bad, while holding your hand
I don't have the strength to do it all again
and though I still care for you, its time to turn away

You say you want to bridge the gap
forget the acrimony that lasted the nap
I give you that for it doesn't matters anymore
A knotted rope will never be perfect like before.

I won’t be there for you !

Have you ever realized that even small thing can cause so much ideas to float around. Hope you like this one. As always, I am a beginner so all support/feedback/suggestions most welcome !!

And just when I thought it was starting to fade
Your note popped out staring me in the face
Memories all spread like they were just afresh
Heart skipped a beat as if on my first date

Reality shook me back; for dream world is over
What lies ahead is a life of different flavor
One day you'll see that I was right all through
But this ain't a movie so I won't be there for you!

So close yet so far ..

The spirit continues

So close yet so far
Like all things falling apart
Yet i gather myself from pain
For a world out there to live again

Have seen a lot of my friends pen down poetic words. They say they were inspired from different emotions – love,sorrow,hate,happiness etc. I gave myself a chance to write something down. I was inspired by one of the emotions brought about by some plots of life. Now sure how good the lines are. Here they are

The true picture is now what I see
For it was never meant to be
The words and emotions were all but fake
One big attempt for own mean sake
Now its over for good to be
The memories buried like a treasure beneath the sea !