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Strategic Safari

Strategic Safari Strategic Safari is a new course launched at IIM Indore in which few students get the opportunity to visit Malaysia and study and understand some of the companies located in Kuala Lumpur. This year the Safari was conducted from 14th December to 21nd December. The companies which were visited were
1. Royal Selangour
2. Westport
3. Simedarby Medical Care
4. Maxis
5. ABB
6. Proton
7. Petronas

The tour ended with personal sightseeing embedded between the visits to the company and a series of guest talks on Islamic Banking & Finance at Universiti Tun Abdul Razak.
I was one of the 41 participants from IIM Indore who were part of the first Strategic Safari Tour of IIM Indore. Writing this blog at the completion of the tour, sitting in the flight back to India, I can say that the experience was enriching. From academic viewpoint, the interactions with corporations were insightful and gave a deep understanding of the business processes and a striking comparison of strategies and success drivers across geographies. On the other side, it was a really wonderful experience to be with 40 other talented friends and enjoying the scenic beauty and water sports of Penang, the theme rides & casinos of Genting Highlands & the night life of Kuala Lumpur.
In the next few blogs, I’ll try to share the wonderful experience of Malaysia – a place totally worth a visit for its beautiful people, culture and country.

How often have we thought about doing something good for the society and then just forgotten it. Happens many times. If only we could act on our thought and go out to extend a helping hand, will we realize how much it is needed.
Our course “Society for Business Management” gave me an opportunity to do this. The course started with making us “feel” the ground issues existing in society – an important shareholder for any business. The best thing about this course was that it didn’t stop here but gave us an opportunity to experience and contribute to the society through a 1 week stint at an NGO.

I got the opportunity to work at CHILDLINE, Allahabad.
property of CHILDLINECHILDLINE is a project of the Ministry for Women & Child Development, Government of India in partnership with State Governments, NGO’s, the Corporate Sector, UNICEF, Department of Telecommunication, street and community youth, academic institutions and Concerned Individuals.
Initially started in Mumbai in 1996, CHILDLINE is currently operational in 83 cities. CHILDLINE aims to reach out to the most marginalized children between the age group of 0-18 years, and provides interventions of shelter, medical, repatriation, rescue, death related, sponsorship and, emotional support and guidance.
It also has a free phone helpline for children in need of care and protection. The CHILDLINE number 1098 is a toll free number that is common in all cities of India.

My experience was a learning experience. I got to interact with children in slum areas, and it was delightful to see their smiles and the respect they had in their eyes for us. Addressing us as “Bhaiya” they asked innocent questions, recited poetry and alphabets, shared some jokes and bid us goodbye. I got to learn that a separate world exists out there, different from what we have seen, a world where basic education is denied for the least reasonable explanation possible.

I also got an opportunity to do the ground work for CHILDLINE along with their members. Its amazing how dedicated they are to this cause and contribute throughout the day just so that some children somewhere doesn’t suffers. Despite all their efforts they sometimes face resistance from general public.

Well, although the time was less, but the experience was great calling for more devotion whenever opportunity arises. When I came back to college, the feeling was there with many. Excited, emotional and sensitive to the social issue they had seen at their respective NGO’s.

At last, I can only say that if you can, do find sometime to extend a helping hand… believe me..there is never a word “enough” for this cause.

IRIS 2008-As it unfolded

Day 1

So started the events at IRIS. The day started with case study contest which gave an interesting challenge to the candidates. As people woke up (we all always await holidays 😉 ).. the enthusiastic crowd moved towards Audi for Guest Lecture by Prof. Ramesh. The lecture was inspiring and dealt with a really interesting topic. This was followed by an event from CultIcon, the newest series of events added to IRIS – Splash. After that there were creative spirits all around with participants potraying their skills at advertising, by displaying their ads and videos. Add to it the beautiful crowd (the intelligent reader might guess the hidden meaning :P) and the event was full of colors. Entrepid and Insuris were other events running in parallel.  The evening was for fun which started with Street Play. The amphitheater was all alive with sharp skills made to design plays in little time and the end result was superb. The plays displayed creativity and fun element, serving the whole purpose of IRIS this year – BREAK FREE. This was followed by a superb and mind boggling Entertainment Quiz. The questions left the audience and participants in awe and the brilliance just showed. Huge rounds of claps for right answers and in between fun moments brought out the best from the event. And how could we miss the fun@Melting Pot. The Melting Pot became the zone for Antakshari and as expected it attracted the maximum crowd and was full source of entertainment. With loads of goodies and melodious songs, the environment was just perfect. Followed this the first party of IRIS, and the DJ rocked the floor with some awesome music driving people crazy and making them dance full on. !! And the party went on late night…..

So this was Day 1 – pretty fun…and its just the start! I was part of activities pretty much throughout the day, thoroughly enjoying the Guest Lecture and the Entertainment Quiz. And yeah… the posters that me and Karl put up.. for our event Chain Reaction..going to happen on IRIS-Day2,3. We spent some good time deciding where to put it to maximize the view 😉 .It’s all about positioning your product you see 😛 .. in the literal sense here 😉 .

Day 2

Day 2 started with much more excitement with “Ashwamedha” the flagship event of IRIS kicking off. 30 Finalist competing hard with dreams to become the sole winner, the BEST MANAGER. As a tradition, barring a couple of events all Ashwamedha events were not exposed for audience. So the curiosity was always high. And this showed in the audience turnout for the few Ashwamedha sub-events that were open to public. This was followed by CultIcon, another new addition to IRIS 2008, and things just got better. The guest lecture by Mr. S Vishwanathan gave some meaningful insights into Global Meltdown and its impact on Indian IT/ITES Industries. Other flagship events Kalpavriksha and Sanjeevni also started today and were witnessed by huge participation. Among all these were a couple of spot events, the most sought after one being Bulls n Bears, a simulation of the trading floor. Loose nothing for loosing virtually on stock market, and gain cash for making profits on stock market.. ! Now that’s what is called a safe bet. Another excellent simulation game was “Factorize & Chain Reaction”. “Factorize” gave oppurtunity to participants to work on one aspect of SCM in limited time with real time simulations. The game was terrificly exciting with the scales dwindling between two teams till the last minute. “Chain Reaction”, the sequel would happen on the 3rd day of IRIS. With the thought that the day would come to an end with MatchCut and CultIcon results coming out, the surprise was broken by the Klueless Team. The campus edition of Klueless was launched at 11:59 pm, giving the people another excuse not to sleep at night. And all are still struggling ;).

Day 3

So the day began with the mammoth event “Ashwamedha”. Only 6 survived out of 30 finalists for the next day. Luck, destiny, charisma, excellence whatever you call it, these 6 deserved it and they were ready for the next day. As usual Ashwamedha was done in a secret fashion, leaving the others in wait for the finals which would happen in Auditorium, where all would witness the crowning of that ONE Winner !. This was followed by some crazy stuff at ” 3-phi-phi ” and General Quiz. Sanjeevni Finals were underway also adding to the busy schedule that IRIS was following. And the much awaited guest talk by Mr. Anupam Dutta, MD, Kellogs,India Division gave some key insights into Opportunities & Challenges posed by the large lower income segment in India. This was followed by the gritting “Chain Reaction” which saw 6 teams competing for the 2nd round of the “Factorize & Chain Reaction” event. The game was a super hit among participants as they were amazed by the concept and the surprises that awaited them in between the game. At the end it was a close call with 3 teams for the first slot and the tie breaker happening. On-the-spot events like “Bank on Us” and “Marksman” attracted huge participation which called for the prelims round happening today only. The finals would be on Day 4. Finally the time came for the Grand “Ashwamedha Finals”. With eminent panelist like Mr. Anupam Dutta (MD, Kellogs, India Division), Mr. Vijay Menon (Visiting Faculty, IIM Indore), Mr. K.S Ramesh (former CEO, CavinCare Pvt. Ltd), Mr. S Vishwanathan (Former MD, JPMC) the finals were going to be grueling. The finalists showed their skills, experience and competency in the last phase and the audience were mesmerized by the electrifying experience. Finally Abhinav Sharma of IMT, Ghaziabad was the deserving one and was crowned the title of “Ashwamedha Winner”, an honor bestowed upon only one. The day could not have ended in a better way and then there was the night party. And people were celebrating all around. For PGP2 it was their last IRIS, for PGP1 it was a new experience. The party went on late night, and as i write this many have still not woken up 😉 :P.

Day 4

All good things have to come to an end and so is for IRIS. The final day was a blaster. With almost all flagship events over and when the visitors just thought that its almost over, the avenue was filled with participants for Storewars, Marksman and Bank on Us Finals. The event saw huge participation from all and that defined the success of their coordinators. As the day closed all were in wait for the awaited “Livewire” Night. As the concert was open to Indore junta also, there was huge crowd already in the Acad Ground. The night was made lively initially by upcoming bands “Pintight” & “Tatva”. With the stage already set and people full on in the mood to enjoy, “Silk Route” came on stage. Mohit Chauhan the lead vocalist introduced the band and started the night with on original song. Further followings by songs – “Dooba Dooba”& “Guncha” , the environment was electric. The huge crowd just loved the show which was evident by the repeated shouts of “Once More !”. Finally the evening came to an end with people carrying an unforgettable experience with them.

All in all once again IRIS rocked !! And IIM Indore rocked as usual !!

IRIS 2008 is here !

IRIS 2008

IRIS 2008

IRIS 2008 – IIM Indore B-Fest gets launched today. One of the most awaited B-fests by one of the best B-School in India. With well known events like Ashwamedha, Kalpavriksha, Sanjeevni and the ever famous Klueless, the fest defines its specialty through its events. This year’s theme of Break Free, adds to the free spirited fun event theme that IRIS holds always. Known for its hospitality and warmth, IRIS 2008 is all set to give the participants an enriching experience.
Ashwamedha, the search for that one winner, the rightful holder of the title “Best Manager” of India. With Rs.150000 as winning booty, the stakes are high challenge even more exciting.
With over 4 million hits on Klueless3 and never ending spree for Klueless4, the hunger for getting into the Hall of Fame is just growing bigger. Klueless4 is an event which makes all crazy, be it students or working professionals.
For me, its my first B-school fest that I will attend. Earlier experiences of tech fests at college had been great fun and I look forward for a fascinating time at IRIS 2008. With loads of fun activities and events in the next 4 days, the time would be worth remembering. Full day of exciting activities and night parties, the spirit will be high and full of energy. The experience is also with responsibility with me in the organizing team of “Chain Reaction”, a SCM simulation game.
Will write more as the fest unfolds, keep checking for exciting pics, happenings and post in your comments. 🙂
Visit IRIS 2008 for more info on the event ! Come and be a part of it ! 🙂

Diwali @ IIM I

Another Diwali…away from home, this time the place was IIM Indore. 100% attendance, classes on diwali, project interim presentation on the very day and quiz and case discussion the next day. Phew! Talk about a holiday on Diwali, we weren’t even given a chance to enjoy….but Theoritically :P. Being at IIM has taught us how to squeeze out time for fun and that’s what we did the whole day. The gang left straight after class for a awesome lunch at Sayaji. The food was great and when we finished …the utmost desire was to have a couch :D.

Bowling was pretty fun after that, Ashish was the lucky winner, guess the effect of Beer was a winning tonic for him ;). Btw, I finished 2nd after him and was joing winner in the second round. My bowling skills are improving 😉 ! Then there was snookers and pool which was pretty fun. Till now Ashish already had 4 pints of beer so we decided to leave before he gets more.

Now comes the IIM I part. We had diwali pooja followed by face painting competition, music, loads of crackers and great dinner. CulCom@IIM I did a fantastic job and we really didn’t missed home. People were running around with “phuljharis” and the sky was lit by beautiful patterns of light. And yeah… I shouldn’t miss the Rangoli part. Really beautiful ! The campus looked superb!

We didn’t finished with this. Went back to G-Block, ate sweets and another round of crackers with Karl lighting his first cracker and me doing the honors with the first cracker 😀 ! As usual, Ashish was running around with his rocket, sometimes trying to aim at faculty block and sometimes at his own ass :P.

All in all was a great fun…one of many times which we enjoyed at IIM I.

Will upload more pics later 🙂