If you’ve been waiting for a magic wand to make you life easy, you are just in luck ! And if you are a tech-savvy person its treat time ! Samsung recently launched its Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It’s indeed happy times for TAB lovers and right time for those who haven’t used till now to get hooked on to one.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

So I am not going to bore you with the specifications and the technical details. You can always find them at this awesome website with all the rich information about the Samsung Galaxy Tab. What I wish to entice you about is the cool things about this device and how it makes your life interesting, fun and easy !

Sleeker, Lighter, Faster, Better !!

That’s true ! The new Samsung Galaxy tab promises that and much more. With only 565 gm of a cool gadget in your hand, the sleek 8.6 mm slim Tab offers you the convenience of easy portability and hassle-free on the move usage. The high definition 10.1″ screen means that you can watch all your favorite movies anywhere, anytime ! And yes, you can create beautiful memories of watching love movies with your girlfriend – she will simply love you for being her Aladdin with the magic lamp.

Seamless presentations, conference calls and multitasking – Business in your pocket !

When it comes it business, there is very little room for error and the Samsung Galaxy Tab promises you exactly that. Multiple applications to support your presentation development and the ability to multitask between different applications ensures you can be super productive and efficient. Be anywhere in the world, The Tab allows you to connect with business partners on conference calls for that very important presentation you prepared on Tab last night. The HSPA+ and Wifi Access with a fully supported Flash function ensures glitch-less presentation through a fast and steady 24/7 connectivity.

The ‘Happy Moments’ click

There are some moments in life you always cherish. Be it the celebration of your first job or the first walk of your baby. What better than to capture these moments to be remembered forever. The 3 MP camera delivers high quality pictures just for you to relive those moments whenever you want. The High Definition video recording is an icing on the cake – something to make your day out all the more fun and joyful. And if you ever feel gloomy just say cheese and click yourself away through the front camera – you will most certainly have a smile after that throughout the day !

Games, Music, Multimedia, Social Networking – The Android Entertainment !

Leisure time is in and there is nothing better than a Samsung Galaxy Tab in your hands.  If your idea of relaxing is reading, the inbuilt Reading Hub provides access to numerous reading delights along with enhanced reading comfort through zooming, font enlargement and bookmarking features. To soothe you with Music, the Tab offers extensive catalogue of music albums through its Music Hub. The High Definition movie experience ensures that you enjoy your movie to the fullest extent with your friends. And just in-case you are missing your friends for that favorite movie, the Tab enables you to connect to them through email, instant messaging and social networking from a single point portal. You never remain disconnected ever!

Excited ? Watch this official Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 video to believe the power of Samsung Tab

Are you in the mood to try your hands on this sexy, sleek high powered gadget? Then watch this official video to see what you gotta do next.

Oh Yes ! You are right ! It’s time to TAB!

Grab your piece from the nearest Samsung Outlet and spread the word. Happiness increases when spread right ?! 🙂

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You can watch the launch video of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 here.

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